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The Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs (IVIE) is a national organization for visually impaired business owners or those interested in entrepreneurship. IVIE was officially presented its charter by the American Council of the Blind (ACB) on July 8, 1981.

IVIE provides an annual convention held in conjunction with the ACB annual convention. Each summer at the convention, IVIE plans a program of interest to business owners and friends. During this convention, we have a business meeting where members and friends can share ideas and meet others with like interests. We have an annual luncheon with speakers of interest to those in business. At these conventions, there is also an opportunity for IVIE members to exhibit their products and services. To find more information about the national convention of ACB and its affiliates, please visit: www.acb.org

Conventions are held in various cities in the United States.  Some past conventions have been held in Louisville Kentucky, Orlando Florida, Phoenix Arizona, Reno Nevada, Columbus Ohio, Las Vegas Nevada, Dallas Texas, Minneapolis, MN, St. Louis MO, and Rochester, NY. The 2020 conference and convention was a virtual conference due to the Corona Virus. In 2021, the conference will also be virtual. The 2022 conference will be in Omaha, NE. Link to 2020 convention and past conventions.

IVIE provides an audio newsletter, "The IVIE Motivator," to its members. Each audio newsletter has articles that assist business owners with tips relating to marketing, improving, and building a business. Listen to a past Motivator here. IVIE has officers who live throughout the United States. ACB has a national office in Alexandria, Virginia. Members of IVIE also receive a magazine called "The ACB Braille Forum" published several times a year in multiple formats: Braille, large print, email, and digital cartridge. This ACB publication contains articles of interest to blind and visually impaired persons. All "ACB Braille Forum" issues are now archived on the ACB website.

Membership dues for those interested in joining IVIE are only $15 per year, which are due each July 1st. This entitles members to receive both the publications mentioned above and a member directory listing on the IVIE website. Interested persons can subscribe to our IVIE email discussion list. Dues can be sent to: IVIE President, Ardis Bazyn, 2121 Scott Road No. 105, Burbank, CA 91504. Print a copy of the application from the link below and submit it with your check or pay online.

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For more information on online dues payment or website suggestions, contact President Ardis Bazyn (818) 238-9321 or email:

Send suggestions of audio content or possible persons to be interviewed to Vice-President Carla Hayes, editor of "The IVIE Motivator," at or contact Carla Hayes at 724-941-8184.

For more information about the American Council of the Blind, call 202-467-5081 (800-424-8666 from 2-5 p.m. EST, Eastern Standard Time) or go to: www.acb.org

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For more information, contact President Ardis Bazyn (818) 238-9321
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