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Marketing Your Business More Effectively

By: Ardis Bazyn, Bazyn Communications

Recently, I gave a presentation on ”Marketing Your Business More Effectively” for Randolph Shepherd Vendors of America (RSVA). Even though that group represents mostly different types of food service businesses and convenience stores, marketing is always necessary for any business or organization. Basically, marketing is selling your products and services in a way that makes the customers want to purchase them. Here are some of the tips they learned.

  1. Businesses need to make changes constantly to remain strong in these difficult times. Updates in product, service delivery, and the equipment used need to be implemented regularly.
  2. Ask your customers and primary target market how you can better give them what they want.
  3. Conduct surveys regularly. Allow various ways of responding to them: online forms, email, paper, or by phone.
  4. Ask customers about products or services you are considering. Ask them about current service delivery, customer service, follow-up, or refund policies.
  5. Expect your employees to provide excellent customer service, training them to be friendly and courteous.
  6. Listen to complaints patiently, illustrating best practices to employees. Managing complaints wisely may make a happy customer brag about you and your business to others.
  7. Request testimonials from satisfied customers.
  8. Send out email newsletters with information that customers might appreciate. For a food service or convenience store, it might include menus, new products, refund information, and specials.
  9. Always ask for feedback. Customers sometimes give good ideas.
  10. Double-check your employees’ work. You need to know if they are servicing your customers well.
  11. Build relationships with other business owners  -- it may help you recruit new customers, develop or find new products, and give and get referrals.
  12. Thank your customers. Do something special for them once in a while: free coffee and donuts, an open house with discounts,  or a contest.

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