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On March 18, IVIE held a business focus call on "social media". Patty L. Fletcher, owner and director of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing, led our first focus call on "Social Media". She supports talented authors and successful business owners in their marketing. She provides featured blog posts, Social Media advertising, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Email, outreach and networking services.

She discussed the importance of social media and promotion with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogging. She stated blogging is just sharing your ideas so Just do it. You can get paid for blogging online. You can post a blog and share it with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can sell ad space on blogs.

She suggests placing regular posts on FaceBook. LinkedIn is easier to use on a smart phone app. She suggested tips for promoting an event. When planning an event, post "Save the date" messages and post more often closer to the date. Post announcements on your home page :  landing page.

When she uses Twitter, she posts hashtag with a link. You can receive automatic notifications so you can retweet them. Patty believes in helping others and offers a three month trial of her marketing skills. Contact her to learn more or to subscribe to her email list.

Contact Patty Fletcher:
Email: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com
Website: www.campbellsworld.wordpress.com
Facebook: Search for & “Patty Fletcher”
Email newsletter: “Freedom To Be Me”.


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